Islas Abogados S.C.

About Us

We are a group of highly experienced attorneys specializing in criminal law, which aims to meet the needs of the client and provide the service suitable to do so.

Our firm provides personalized service to clients in order to identify their precise needs, using the legal knowledge, experience, and professional prestige of each member of the firm. Teamwork is essential to solving our clients' needs and distinguishes us from others in our field.

Throughout Mexico, we represent our clients regardless of their nationality, with professionalism, honesty, and service availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and with immediate response capability.

We have a team of highly trained specialists with a genuine commitment to the client (individuals and organizations) to serve, achieve, progress, and innovate with true leadership. The training and attitude of each team member stands out in our unique vision of who we are and what we represent. That is why we have the professional capacity to resolve the cases we represent before various authorities (the Federal Office of the Attorney General, the Federal District Office of the Attorney General, and the different state attorney general offices as well as the various local and federal courts) with the steadfast determination to achieve most efficacy in a favorable outcome for the client.

There are two aspects to the professional services offered at this office:

I. As complainants, advisers, and/or coadjutors to individuals injured by the commission of a crime, providing continuous monitoring to the cases entrusted to us in order to ensure application of penalties and restitution of the enjoyment of rights.

II. II. As defense counsel before local and/or federal authorities for individuals or legal entities that have been accused of a criminal offense.

This criminal law office has a corporate focus―a useful asset for many corporations and/or law firms that do not have a specialized criminal law area―which has allowed us greater specialization in representing companies and institutions affected by a criminal offense by adapting to the specific needs of each client, whether individuals or legal entities.


To streamline our activities representing clients in the resolution of their cases with knowledge, professionalism, values, and ethics, where transparency and immediacy of response define our service making us the first and best choice.


To create life-long clients by offering personalized, quality service with short-term resolutions and high efficacy.


• Honesty
• Knowledge
• Experience
• Professionalism
• Loyalty


To achieve and maintain success, differentiating ourselves from other firms by being the best choice for representing the client in order to favorably resolve their case.


We do not specifically name our clients due to the nature of criminal matters and in accordance with our professional commitment to confidentiality.

Legal Services

• Legal counseling to prevent crimes from being committed against you and instruction in using your information to prevent scenarios in which you or your employees become involved in conduct that could be considered criminal.
• Advocacy and counseling in the defense of our clients' employees and officers in the pretrial investigation stage and local and federal criminal proceedings.
• Consulting in criminal matters.
• Strategy planning to adequately address business crisis periods, as well as the safety of employees and their families.
• Preparation and service of claims and writs of protection in criminal matters, including those related to real and personal property insurance.
• Preparation and service of accusations, criminal complaints and/or criminal proceedings affecting companies, their employees, and other related parties.
• Local, state, and federal criminal trial and appellate proceedings.
• Service of extradition proceedings before administrative and judicial authorities.
• Negotiations.



Graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana School of Law Mexico City, where he received his degree in 2003 with the thesis “Preparing an Exercise of Criminal Action”.

He began his professional career in various firms, including Guerra González y Asociados S.C., De Ovando y Martínez del Campo S.C., and Cárdenas Amerena Abogados S.C. From 2003 to 2008, he was associate attorney at Cortina Latapí Abogados S.C. In 2008, he founded Islas Abogados S.C.

With his background, experience, and specialization studies, he is considered a specialist in criminal law. He was also an associate lecturer of Criminal Law at the Universidad Anáhuac School of Law.

He has completed post graduate studies at the Escuela Libre de Derecho in “New Trends in Criminal Law in the 21st Century” and has been recognized by the Federal Supreme Court for “The Teaching of Jurisprudence through Law”.

Recently, he completed the course “The New Criminal Justice System in Mexico” at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.


Graduated from the Law School of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico. He earned his degree in 1982 with the thesis “Unjust Enrichment and Public Servants.”

He began his professional career at the law firm of Maldonado y Asociados S.C. where he remained from 1983 until 2008. Today he is an associate attorney at the firm Islas Abogados S.C.

With his background and longstanding experience in criminal matters, he is considered a specialist in criminal law. Besides litigating in this area for many years, he has been both court clerk and public defender in criminal court.

He has completed many specialization and post-graduate courses and studies, including “Court Clerks Course” and “Specialization in Criminal Matters,” both given by the Institute of Judicial Studies of the Federal District Supreme Court.

He also earned a bachelor's degree in Hispanic Language and Literature at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in 2007.

Practice Areas

The different branches of law in which we have practiced include:

• Equity and finance.
• Telecommunications.
• Fiscal.
• Crimes against the enforcement and administration of justice.
• Environmental.
• Art.
• Domestic violence.
• Crimes against life and physical integrity.
• Agrarian-ejidal.
• Credit institutions.
• Insurance.
• Public servants.
• Textile.
• Alimony.
• Computer systems.
• Packers.
• Pharmaceutical.
• Sex crimes.
• Construction.
• Television.
• Health.
• Personal safety.
• Organized crime.
• Intellectual property, including industrial property and copyright, etc.
• Oral trials, according to the new criminal procedure reform, representing the victim or the defendant.
• Crime prevention courses: We offer our clients instruction on how to avoid becoming a victim of conduct that could be considered a crime.

Islas Abogados S.C.